Yoga Therapy

This is subject to when I am allowed

I have used yoga to heal my own health issues (including sciatica and asthma) and I have used the therapeutic aspect of yoga in my yoga classes for many years, so I have always regarded yoga as a therapeutic tool. In Feb 2015 I attended a Yoga Therapy course in India gaining a Distinction First Class Diploma in Yoga Therapy from the Yoga Vidya Gurukul Institute in Nashik. This diploma is Government of Maharashtra recognised. I have also attended Yoga Therapy training here in the UK with The Yoga Healing Foundation. This has prepared me to treat clients with many conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, sciatica, asthma stress/ anxiety and multiple sclerosis.

Yoga therapy makes use of the asana, including chair yoga, pranayama, cleansing techniques, meditation and relaxation. Simple natropathic techniques will be taught plus information on diet and lifestyle. Whatever your state of health you will be able to gain some relief from practicing these techniques.