"I love these yoga classes, they are quite often the best 90 minutes of my week, it's a total escape from the usual stresses - as soon as Paula says 'Let the cares of the day gently drift away', they do. The stretches and poses can be as gentle or as challenging as you want to make them. Paula will always encourage you to go as far as you are able and at the same time knows exactly how to adapt the exercises for anyone with aches and pains. She has given me some excellent advice for my lower back and after last night's session, my back is much more comfortable. Paula's instructions are often so clear and precise, that you don't even need to watch in order to follow them. But she always demonstrates the moves slowly first and will go round and help people individually if they need it. I was a complete beginner when I started these classes, but my usual anxiety at trying something new disappeared soon after I walked through the door. I think everyone feels at ease throughout the sessions, and after Paula's sublime meditative techniques at the end of the class we couldn't be more relaxed. The mental & physical benefits of the class are definitely filtering into the rest of my day to day life."


"I have been attending yoga classes with Paula now for over 7 years. Having practised yoga for quite some years, I found Paula at a time when I had given up on it for a while and needed to ease myself back into it gently - this is exactly what Paula helped me to achieve. Her classes are gentle but at the same time dynamic (for those who like a challenge). Paula will always give you the option of holding the posture or coming out when you feel it is right for your body, and from this point I found I learnt to listen to my body and it's needs far more. I also love the spiritual aspect that Paula brings to the class - gentle but yet not forced on anyone! I look forward to my weekly session with Paula."


"Wonderful yoga classes are guaranteed with Paula. She is very laid back in her teaching yet extremely knowledgeable and always provides a full class with varied postures and breathing techniques with a proper relaxion at the end. I particularly enjoy the beautiful chanting we all participate in at the start of every class, this has enhanced and deepened my yoga practice. I will truely miss Paula's classes, it will be difficult to find a replacement. "