Options for additional nights after the Ashram.


Extend your trip by travelling onto Nashik for the Holi festival after the Ashram. Nashik is an ancient holy city, containing nearly 200 temples including one of the holiest in Hinduism, Sita Gumpha. Nashik is believed to be the home of Lord Rama and his wife during their exile and the sacred river Godavari flows through it so Nashik and its bathing ghats hold special religious and mythological importance, like the more famous Varanasi in Eastern India. Other places to visit around the city include the 17th century Pandava Caves. Famous also for its wine and great for shopping, Nashik is an especially colourful and lively city to visit at any time, but during the spring Holi festival, or ‘festival of colours’/ ‘festival of love’, there will be thousands more pilgrims than usual and the atmosphere will be extra special. Celebrations include spraying colour on each other, dancing, partying and eating festival delicacies.

1 additional night in Nashik costs £100 per person, including hotel, transfer from the Ashram and train to Mumbai airport on the last afternoon.


Details of the yoga therapy below may be of interest, extending your stay at the Ashram to receive treatment may be very helpful.

A new Yoga Therapy hospital has started in the beautiful natural surroundings of Yoga Vidya Gurukul, Trimbak Ashram. 10 day programs for treatment of various diseases are conducted. We treat Obesity, Knee Pain (arthritis), Acidity, Neck & Waist spondylitis, Sciatica, Slipped disc, Diabetes, Ulcer, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, M.C. Problem, Heart Diseases, Backache, Headache, Digestion Problems, Mental Disorders such as depression, stress disorders, PTSD, anxiety disorders, eating and sleeping disorders.

Yoga therapy includes -   Easy Yogasanas & Pranayama, Meditation, Omkar Chanting, Yoga Nidra, Shudhikriya (Cleansing Process) etc

Ayurveda and Naturopathy Treatments available -Panch karmas, Steam Bath, local Steam Application, Hot Foot Bath & Tub Bath, Cold & Hot Packs & Mud Packs, Massage, shirodhara and herbal treatments

For more details, see the Ashram’s website: