Relaxation and sound bath sessions

Sound baths are the experience of relaxing whilst listening to and feeling the vibration of gongs, singing bowls, chimes and percussion instruments. This bathing in sounds is related to a less well-known branch of yoga called Nada Yoga which translates as the yoga of sound. The aim of Nada Yoga is to bring about harmony and balance in your body and mind to make you feel less tense, anxious or stressed.

Sound has been used throughout history as a healing tool. From Shamanic drumming to yogic chanting, sound can help elevate your energy and shift your vibration and soothe your nervous system.

Scientific studies show that sound therapy can help reduce stress and anxiety and help to lift the mood. The use of sound during meditation can lead to a reduction of tension, anger, fatigue, anxiety, and depression while also creating a feeling of spiritual well-being.

The sound baths we will be enjoying are created using singing bowls, chimes, a wind gong, and percussion instruments. We will be focussing on the effects of the instruments within the body, especially at the heart centre.

We will be using humming bee breath, other breathing techniques or chants before the sound bath to help to focus our minds.

To enhance these sessions we will be adding self help/healing activities such as candle gazing, hand or foot massage, Indian head massage, mindfulness, chanting, pair yoga, chair yoga etc for the first part of the session. There will follow a stretch to yoga music so that the body will be comfortable during the relaxation, and a breathing technique to focus the mind. The 90 min session will help you to feel totally rejuvenated, relaxed, and give you techniques to use to reduce your stress levels.

The relaxation and sound bath sessions take place monthly at the Hayfield Village Hall on a Fri eve 7.30-9pm, £10 a session. I can also bring the experience to a venue within the Peak District, if a club, party, hen do, away day etc would like to experience this 90 min fun/relaxing/rejuvenating experience, get in touch for more info.